There’s always a deal you have to make with yourself when you buy anything from IKEA, and the deal is this: in exchange for the low cost of this modern piece of furniture, I will put it together. It will be tedious and there will be much swearing, but that’s part of the price I’m paying.

I think the ANTILOP high chair is the first piece I’ve bought from IKEA that didn’t take most of the tools in my toolbox, all of my patience, a Saturday afternoon and a six-pack of beer to assemble.

It’s literally this easy: snap on the tray table, insert the legs. Done. I didn’t even have to bring out the toolbox, which I always enjoy doing, because bringing out the toolbox let’s everyone know shit is about to get real.

But I digress.

Like anything you’ll purchase for your baby, you can pay as much for it as you want, because you want only the BEST for your little tupper and the baby industrial complex is more than happy to take advantage of that. Target literally has a $299 high chair listed online right now. BIG BABY must be stopped.

But the ANTILOP? It’s a whole $19.99. Throw in the KLÄMMIG support pillow for another $6.99 and you’ve got yourself a decent feeding setup.

Blueberries and carrots that were easily cleaned up with a water hose.

What it does well: It’s inexpensive, easy to put together, and super easy to clean. Because it’s all smooth plastic and there are no cloth components, you can literally take it outside and hose it off, which we have done several times. Even the optional support pillow is made of nylon, so cleaning that is a matter of sticking it under a faucet.

Apart from that, the tray table is fairly big and the support pillow does a great job holding your baby upright if that skill hasn’t been mastered yet. He or she may eat like a tiny drunk person but at least they will sit up straight.

What it doesn’t do well: I don’t think it’s much of a looker, though my wife pointed out that it’s way less HELLO A BABY LIVES HERE than other high chairs on the market (I agree with my wife. I always agree with my wife.).

That nice, big tray table also doesn’t really want to come off once you put it on, which could make cleaning a bit tricky if you don’t want to or can’t spray it off with a water hose. Finally, some foods can stain the plastic (carrots in particular). I’m not so sure that’s the chair’s fault though–I’m pretty sure any chair would end up stained.

Buy this if: You’re on a tight budget, you hate cleaning things, or looks are not a high priority for you.

Don’t buy this if: You want a high chair that looks like an actual piece of furniture or complements the decor in your kitchen or dining area.

Verdict: This is the Miller High Life of high chairs. It’s nothing fancy, inexpensive, dependable, and it does everything a high chair should do. The best part is that it doesn’t require work, whether it’s putting it together or cleaning it. It checks all of the boxes, in my opinion. Some may be put off by the looks, but like a Miller High Life, you didn’t buy it because you wanted it to be a conversation piece, right?