Modern Dadhood

Because there's no instruction manual.

About Modern Dadhood

Our son was born in the fall of 2017. Currently, my wife and I have a stack of parenting books on our nightstand, we’ve spent more time than we’d like to admit on google, and we have been given more advice, solicited and unsolicited, than we know what to make sense of.

And despite all of this, it totally feels like we’re making up child-rearing as we go.

So come on in, get comfy, and let’s figure this shit out.

About Tyler – I reside in Phoenix with my wife and son, but I’m originally from eastern North Carolina, the land of pulled pork, tobacco fields, and Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits.

My day job is in marketing communications, though before that, I spent six and half years as a high school English teacher. I wanted to like that job, I really did. I even went so far as to complete a Master’s degree in school administration and become a fully licensed K-12 principal in the state of NC, but at that point, the burnout was strong with this one.

I’m also an only-child.

Which has made the learning curve of being a dad that much more fun and challenging. Prior to my son being born, I’m pretty sure I had only held two babies in my life, and both times, I almost immediately handed the child back to the parents because it started making noises.

Diapers? Feeding a child? Pretty much any basic, mundane parenting task? Yeah, never done any of that before having my first child.